Have a question? No…really…HAVE one! Sorry – just an attempt at a little humor.
Please peruse our FAQs to learn more about Overhead Station. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, PLEASE contact us at the information in our website footer. We’ll do our best to help you find out what you need to know!

HELP! I need some of your famous custom invitations! How do I do that?

Easy! Give us a call – or even better, just drop by – and talk with Tami, the Queen of Invitations and Retail. After asking just a few questions she’ll help you select the stock that reflects your personality and fits your event to a T. Then she’ll help you with the wording and pick the type styles that compliment the tone of your event. Then just leave the rest to us and before you know it, you’ll have custom invitations that were made JUST FOR YOU!

Questions? What type of questions? I’ve never done this before…

Never fear. Usually the questions we need you to answer for us are things like “what type of event is it?”, “when and where will it be?”, “how soon do you need the invitations in the mail?”, “how many do you need?”, “is this a formal or more casual event?”, and “do you need an RSVP from those attending?”. There may be one of two more but if you can answer those questions, then you’re already way out in front on this thing!

How long will all this take? Do I need to pack a lunch?

No worries. If you’ve got the basic info mentioned above ready when you come in, then you should be done in short order. We know your time is valuable and we won’t keep you a minute longer than needed. If you DO need a little extra time to decide on the details…no problem! We’re there for you. We’re done only when you’re satisfied that you’ve picked out EXACTLY what you want. Not a minute less. But then again if you do want to bring us lunch, well…we won’t complain!

OK…so then what? When do I get my invitations?

Good question – you ARE astute, aren’t you! Once Tami has all your info, your blank card stock, and your font choices, she’ll hand your job off to Terry (the other part of this process). Terry will create a proof (or mock up) of your invitation and will e-mail you a PDF file so you can see EXACTLY what it will look like. This is your chance to make any changes or corrections needed before your invitations are printed. We do our best to get you a proof within 3 days of your visit and then to get your invitations printed and ready for you to pick up within 2 more days AFTER THE FINAL PROOF IS OK’ED BY YOU. If you need several rounds of proofs to check out a different color or style of type, that’s not a problem. We want you to get EXACTLY what you want. Just know that each proof can mean an extra day or two, so give yourself some wiggle room for completion and pick up.

WHY do I need printed invitations? I can just use e-mail…can’t I?

Yes, this IS the 21st Century and yes, you COULD simply e-mail people about your event. HOWEVER…in this high-speed drive-through computerized world there is still something to be said for sending someone a printed invitation. It says you care more than just a mouse click or a “tap tap” on your phone. It makes your guests feel special and important. It let’s them know they’re important to YOU because you took the time and went the extra step to make sure they were invited to your event. Social graces aside, it says YOU CARE. So it’s not simply a piece of paper with a stamp on it. A printed invitation is a reflection on YOU. It means YOU and YOUR EVENT are special!

Do you sell on-line?

Currently, no. But we are looking at some options for making limited items available on-line in the future, so please check back in with us on that.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365. OK…not really 24/7/365. We’re only a two person and one dog operation after all. But we will respond as quickly as possible to any messages or calls we get. You’re important to us and we really, really enjoy helping you!

Your gifts and other items…are they really THAT special? I can probably find them other places can’t I?

While you may find one or two of our items at other gift outlets, our gifts REALLY ARE THAT SPECIAL. Where possible, we buy from local and regional suppliers and artists. Not the same people that supply the “big box” stores. Nothing wrong with those stores, mind you – if you don’t mind being the 2,000th person to buy that particular item that particular afternoon from that particular location. Ever been to a bridal shower or a wedding where the happy couple got identical gifts from different people? We have…it happens. At Overhead Station, we look for unusual items from people who create quality goods in small lots, guaranteeing that each item – even from the same lot – will be just a little bit different from the others. We also usually have the inside scoop on who bought what for which event and if we realize that a faux pas is about to occur, we will happily offer a discrete suggestion to a customer that another selection might be wise. Because our customers are just as special as our gifts.

Do you offer free gift wrapping?

Yes we do! Weddings, birthdays, house warming gifts, or just for fun…just tell us what type of event it is and our expert wrapping department will find just the right paper, ribbons, and bows to make it special. Heck, we’ve even got a tiny jar of Pixie Dust we can dip into and sprinkle on it. We want the gift to reflect well on the giver!

What kind of dog is The World Famous Bunny Dog and why is she World Famous??

Bunny is a Labradoodle. That’s a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Labradoodles are great because they don’t shed, are hypo-allergenic, are good natured, and are highly intelligent. In fact, Bunny is so smart that if she had thumbs and pockets, we’d have to hide the car keys from her!
The “World Famous” part came along after Bunny moved to Rock Hill. She would do snow and inclement weather reports from her driveway and front yard on social media. People from all over started following those reports and would even ask her how the weather was here in Rock Hill. From that point on, she was “World Famous”…